175 Films & Media Limitada

The company was founded in September 2018 by three Costa Rican audiovisual artists and creators: Amaral Sánchez, Claudio Marcio Rojas, and Said Orlando, with the aim of promoting the development, production, and distribution of audiovisual projects generated in Costa Rica.
The company has two specific work areas: the first is dedicated to the development of its own projects, and the second to the provision of services for the co-production of national and international projects.
175 Films & Media specializes in the creation of digital content for social networks and the production of transmedia projects.
Managment Team

Amaral Sánchez Creative Manager

Actor, Director and Playwrighter with a career spanning more than 30 years in theater, film and television. He graduated from the University of Costa Rica. He is the founder of the Skené Theater cultural project, with which he has defended the banner of quality art and content, emphasizing the rescue of a truly Costa Rican culture. In his teaching career, he has been a professor at the Castella Conservatory, the teaching program of the Skené Foundation and at the Ulacit Film & Animation Academy.

Claudio M. Rojas Production Manager

Filmmaker, Entrepreneur and University Professor of film, television, theater, animation, video games, transmedia and XR projects, and sound engineering. Since 1989 he has worked as a producer, director, sound recorder and mixer, and editor on film, television, and theater projects in Costa Rica and the United States. He has a Master of Science in Media Design and Educational Technologies from Full Sail University, a Professional Certificate in Film Directing from Watkins College of Art and Design, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Florida State University. He is currently Director of the Ulacit Film & Animation Academy.

Said Orlando Development Manager

Film Director, Screenwriter and Writer. He studied Media and Film Direction at the Higher Institute of Arts in Cuba. He directed short films in both Cuba and Costa Rica, and has written scripts for movies and television. For the past five years he has taught a dozen subjects related to film, television, and creative writing at a university in San José, Costa Rica. . Said is the creator of the Character Method, a revolutionary approach to media dramaturgy.