New Service - Transfers of VHS, VHSc, MiniDv Cassettes, and DVD Discs, miniDVD, CD to Mp4

Don't lose your memories, turn them into digital files that are easy to share on platforms like Vimeo or YouTube.
We transfer to MOV or MP4 formats with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD).
Check prices, delivery time and shipping options by WhatsApp or Telegram at 7271-5939
Conditions of service:
1. The cost of each cassette depends on the duration of the recording, and ranges from ₡3,000 (up to 2 hours) to ₡7,000 (up to 6 hours), to which is added the cost of the final support (USB memory, Disk, or cloud service)
2. The final quality of the video depends largely on the quality and condition of the source (cassette)
3. Each cassette is captured in real time, (for example if the cassette is 4 hours long, it will take 4 hours to capture), then export to backup media or upload to cloud service.
4. For the above reason we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time for the work. You can pay a one-time fee for "expedited service" of an additional ₡5,000 colones.
5. If an invoice is required, the I. V. A. must be added.

Transfer pricing table:

Prices in Costa Rican colones ₡
*These services will be available in the near future.